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About slant/180

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Why the name slant/180? 

One definition for slant is perspective. This is not just a creative element. To us, perspective is everything. You can take a crowd of people who attended the same event, listened to the same speech, ate the same food, and every one of them will have a different perspective. That is the beauty of life. Different opinions, different reactions, different resolves. 

We like to give our content a different slant, whether it is your perspective or ours, it will hold the attention of your audience. 

180 winks at that same notion suggesting a direction that is completely opposite than the norm, but the reality of that number is our obsession with shooting in 180 frames per second, which provides its own perspective.

Want some additional motivation to use us? We will create this content for you and ask you to pay what you think it is worth.

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